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Why You Need The New Google Pixel 3

Why You Need The New Google Pixel 3
The Google Pixel 3 is coming, now it's finally time to reveal everything you need to know about the phone and why you need it.


The Pixel 3 uses an LG OLED display screen, rather than the Samsung one people had expected. It's a good design and a step up from the Pixel 2. So far so good!


Google has stepped up their security features and introduced a Titan M Security Chip. It's been designed by the Google team and protects the phone against threats.

The Specs

Overall the phone is similar to its predecessor, the Pixel 2, but here are some of the most important features:

  • 4GB Ram space

  • Starting storage of 65GB

  • An upgraded 845 Snapdragon processor

  • Three different colour choices: pink, black, and white

Best Features

Wireless charging is huge right now and it offers so much convenience for users. The Pixel 3 has a glass back which is designed for wireless charging. Google also created a wireless charging stand to make things easier.

Google is known for their superior cameras and the Pixel 3 has the best camera we've seen. The phone features one back camera and two front facing options. You can take portrait or wide frame shots and the algorithm to reduce distortion works well. There's also a night sight mode and top shot, which takes a number of photos and shows you the best.

How to Get it

Be one of the first to get the Google Pixel 3 by pre-ordering the phone from popular stores. It will be officially released on November 1st, and prices vary depending on the storage you choose. Prices start at £739 for the 64GB model.

[Foto: mashable.com]