What's the best kind of mobility scooter to buy

What's the best kind of mobility scooter to buy
There are many brands of mobility scooter to buy. In this article we will explain which are the top brands.

Mobility scooter: Top Brands

There are the top bands of mobility scooter:

    • Careco

    • Li-Tech

    • Rascal

Careco - One of the cheaper, but still high quality models. The models from this brand come in all shapes and sizes, with the no-frills Airlite being the simplest, and the Scootcase being the most maneuverable of the options available.

Li-Tech - Known for being sporty and able to maneuver around most obstacles, these are also the lightest options available on the market today. Their dual suspension makes them easy to utilize even for beginners and they are easy to transport in most SUVs and vans.

Rascal – The standard for years, the Rascal is one of the most well known types of mobility scooters around the world. Imported from the USA, these tend to be a bit heavier but more rugged as well.

Where To Find Them

Discount retailers online and in medical districts around the UK will offer the biggest name brands for cheap. has one of the larger selections at a discount.

How Much You Will Pay

The lower end scooters start at around 400 pounds, but you can expect to spend up to 900 pounds.