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What Are the Different Types of Broadband?

What Are the Different Types of Broadband?
There are a few different types of broadband you can purchase for home and business use. Each have their own pro’s and con’s and we will give you some details on them below.


One of the most commonly used broadband technologies is wireless. Most people searching for home internet will opt in to a wireless service which simply connect your device to the internet via a radio link.

It is the most common type of broadband purely down to the fact that you can connect wirelessly from anywhere in your home. Some places in your house may have slightly worse signal but it saves you from having wires everywhere.


Fibre is a broadband technology that converts electrical signal into data via light. The light will travel down the glass fibres which in result, transmits data at a high speed. Broadband companies are starting to implement ‘Fibre Optic’ internet in homes around the UK daily. Some businesses are also opting in for Fibre internet due to the possibility of high internet speeds.

Cable Modem

Before wireless broadband was popular and a reasonable price, cable modem was the way to get access to the internet. It uses coaxial cables, similar to what was used to provide picture and sound to your television. The one big downside of this broadband type is the fact that the speed is terrible. However, people who live in an area without stable wireless speeds may be better off opting in for cable modem.

The type of broadband you choose for home or business use is all down to what you require. If you want high internet speeds, then fibre is perfect for wireless use. If you have poor wireless signal but require internet, cable modem might be the best option. However, it is always worth checking with some providers to see what your best option is.