Travel Hacks for Airports, Trains & Accommodation in the UK

Travel Hacks for Airports, Trains & Accommodation in the UK
Everybody enjoys a holiday because it's typically a time for relaxing. The UK provides a range of travel choices and settings, from London's urban chic to the quiet countryside. If you're planning a trip to this destination, this guide offers travel hacks that will help you save money and time.

Airport parking

Numerous travelers bring their own vehicles to the airport and some visitors with rental vehicles take domestic flights throughout their trip. As a result, parking has been a major issue in Britain's airports. The best way to go about this is reserving a slot beforehand.

It's also advisable to familiarise yourself with the various areas because most UK airports have numerous parking facilities. If you wish to save money, consider combining a hotel stay at the airport with parking for 8-15 days for a cheaper quote.

Bed & Breakfast

Bed & breakfast inns can be an excellent way of feeling more at home in the UK. Many travelers prefer houses and small cottages over huge hotel chains. Numerous B&Bs are managed by families or couples who can give you insider tips and local knowledge on how to enjoy the country best.

Moreover, Bed & Breakfasts can be considerably cheaper than hotels. When it comes to cottage rentals, they can be a good way of saving money during a long holiday. They give you more independence and as you can cook yourself you won't spend much money on eating out.

Ferries vs. Flights

Traveling by ferry to neighbouring countries is less hectic than flying. You'll enjoy the freedom of taking your vehicle and avoid the hassle of long queues, airports, and surplus baggage charges.

Train ticket

To save on train travel, consider booking early and split your tickets. Rather than purchase tickets for the entire journey, purchasing tickets for its component parts can slash the cost. Railcards are also great for saving money. Most are typically £30 annually or £70 for three. You just have to visit an underground ticket office with a railcard and request them to register to your Oyster card or purchase a travelcard.