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Top secrets for the iPhone XS

Top secrets for the iPhone XS

We all know it - you got a new phone and are super proud, but you struggle a bit with new functionalities and shortcuts. So if you just got the iPhone XS and are still finding your way around it, these tips will make you a master in no time!

Top Tips for the iPhone XS

Home Gesture

A big challenge is the missing home button, which feels very weird if you're used to having it. Instead now you haveĀ Home gesture. Just swipe up from the Home bar to unlock your phone or if you want to go to the Home screen when you're in an app.

New Navigation

With the iPhone XS it's easier to navigate between apps - just by swiping right or left. To swipe through multiple apps, just swipe up lightly without letting go of the screen until you get a short way up.

Force Quit Apps

To force quit apps, just swipe up a card and it's done.

Switcher Gestures

Swipe up from the Home bar and wait a little bit to open the App Switcher.

Control Centre

The control Centre comes in a new look, but how do you access it? Easy! Just swipe down from the right edge.


Siri can be a huge help, this is why it's super easy to access the voice assistance. Just say "Hey Siri" orĀ hold the Side button on your iPhone XS.

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