Top 5 Ski Resorts Canada

Top 5 Ski Resorts Canada

1. Whistler Blackcomb Ski Resort 

The ski resort of Whistler Blackcomb is located just outside of Vancouver, British Columbia in Canada. It has excellent year-round conditions for fresh powder skiing, with snowfall arriving via the Atlantic Ocean from the northwest providing excellent conditions. Whistler is such a great resort that it was the primary location of the 2010 Vancouver Olympic Games.

2. Big White Ski Resort

Located in Kelowna, British Columbia, Big White is famous for its slogan “it’s the snow”, which leaves any ski enthusiast dying for the opportunity to ski the mountain’s perfect conditions. Its great for learning to ski powder and has a convenient ski village.

3. Ski Fernie

Fernie has developed a cult-status amongst many of its visitors, many of whom live in the surrounding Calgary province. Fernie is famous for its good snow record and blissful terrain.

4. Sun Peaks Resort

Sun Peaks in British Columbia is the up-and-coming mountain on this list. Its developed skiing terrain which makes it the second largest ski area in Canada only to Whistler.

5. Silver Star Ski Resort

Silver Star is an excellent option if you are looking to ski with your family. The village is cute and small and the atmosphere is far-more family friendly compared to other Canadian mountains.