Things to do in Bangkok

Things to do in Bangkok
Bangkok is a perfect escape plan for a relaxed holiday due to its varying sights. It boasts numerous destinations waiting to be discovered and gives any tourist a good environment to unwind. From relaxing hotels, amazing red light districts to food markets, Bangkok offers you the perfect getaway.

Ten things that you must do when in Bangkok.

Visit historic sites

Although Bangkok has modernized buildings and means of transport, you cannot get enough of the funky architecture from way back.

Flowery adventure

When in Bangkok, it would be a lost holiday if you don't pass by the flower market where families run businesses by artistically arranging flowers of almost every kind into adorable bouquets.

An amazing nightlife

For a first time in the Bangkok night scene, you might need to hire a guide or you'll be overwhelmed by numerous joints that serve the best cocktails ever.

Food market

Indulging in the many delicacies served in the streets including the popular Chinatown is remarkable.

Luxurious sleep

Bangkok's hotels offer you affordable comfort from low budget to chic rooms.


You wouldn't talk about Bangkok without mentioning the amazing historical, cultural and religious temples that serve as attractions for tourists.


The streets in Bangkok give you a chance select from millions of souvenirs to bring back home.

Ocean life

An ultra-modern Sian Ocean World is definitely your must stop place for Bangkok.

Stunning parks

Just on the outskirts of Bangkok lie amazing parks like the Lumphini Park named after Buddha's place of birth.

Boat trips

A holiday in Bangkok wouldn't be complete without one or two boat rides along the mighty Chao Phraya River.

How to get to Bangkok

There are two airports in Bangkok with the most popular airline from the UK being Thai Airways. The flight takes approximately 11hrs 15 minutes at an average price of £313.