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The Funniest Stock Photos That Were Never Meant To Be

The Funniest Stock Photos That Were Never Meant To Be

We all see memes online, but did you notice that many of the most popular memes are actually stock photos? These images were intended to be used for commercial use, but after the internet got a hold of them things changed! If you are going to buy stock photos online, might as well try to get the funny ones.  These are the five funniest stock photos of all time.

1. Distracted Boyfriend

Probably one of the most popular memes of all time started out as a cheap stock photo. The ‘distracted boyfriend' stock photo became a widely popular meme after people started adding text over the images, comparing the boyfriend and the girls to political and pop culture references.

2. Uncomfortable Phone Call

After this stock photo hit the air, it was considered one of the funniest stock photos out there. This image was not meant to be funny, but the awkward smile makes you wonder who is on the other line.

3. Senior Eating Popsicle

People are wondering why this photo was made. It really doesn't make much sense. However, it doesn't mean that it isn't funny!

4. Shocked Text Message

This stock photo is funny as the reaction seems a bit over the top. Despite this, people love it!

5. Computer Repair

This stock photo is frequently used in memes as it just doesn't make much sense. Many users online find this stock photo funny just based on the sheer ridiculousness.
The funniest stock photos are sometimes the ones that were never meant to be funny. Despite this, these cheap stock photos can be used for a variety of reasons and are great for many occasions.

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