The Best US States For Travel

The Best US States For Travel
The United States is an incredible country with so much to offer! Many have packed up and left home in search of the American Dream. If you're planning on visiting the US, here are some of the best states to visit. From the urban jungle of New York to California dreams, we've got everything covered.


There's no place like San Fransisco, it's truly amazing. You can take a trip to see the Golden Gate Bridge, visit the many shops or see the history of Alcatraz Island. It's one of the most famous prisons in the world and learning about guests such as The Birdman is a thrilling experience. San Fransisco also has a diverse community and a vibrant LGBTQ scene.

Los Angeles is the place people go to make dreams come true. It's the home of Hollywood and many A list celebrities live there. You can take a tour of the epic mansions, or enjoy some retail therapy. LA has some beautiful beaches too.


Sunshine, sand, beaches, and Disneyland! Orlando is one of the top tourist destinations in the world, mainly for families. Universal Studios, Disneyland and the huge amount of food make it a fantastic place to visit. If you're interested in a mix of laid back beach life and partying, then there's nowhere like Miami.

Las Vegas, Nevada

Well, it's called Sin City for a reason, but that doesn't put people off! Yes, Las Vegas is the home of casinos, glitz and glamour. But there are also loads of kid-friendly hotels, and if you're travelling with family we recommend staying at Circus Circus.

Boston, Massachusetts

Boston has loads to offer, including culture and history. The city is home to one of the most prestigious universities in the US and there's a great atmosphere for young people. Take in a Baseball game at Fenway Park or walk along the Freedom Trail.


Beaches don't get much better than the ones in Hawaii. Picture white sand, crystal blue sea and you'll understand why so many visit the stunning islands. Enjoy the relaxing vibes and spot dolphins while visiting the different islands.