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The Best Hair Salon Software Reviews

The Best Hair Salon Software Reviews

Every good business needs to run efficiently and software enables companies to serve customers quickly and manage their scheduling. If you have a hair salon, then you'll be aware of how busy it can get. Sometimes there's not enough time to do everything, but hair salon software can help you improve your business. Here are some of the best hair salon software reviews.

Phorest Salon Software

If you want to cut down on your phone time, then Phorest offers a 24/7 online booking system. It's easy to use and enables clients to make an appointment at any time of the day. You can also ditch the piles of paperwork as rotas, stock audits and reports can all be completed with the software. It also produces staff reports to enable your employees to improve their service.

iSalon Software

This hair salon software offers comprehensive reports about how employees are performing, product sales and whether your marketing techniques are working. It has an appointment book and a till system meaning you no longer need to spend time cashing up. The stock control feature means you can save money by eliminating products that don't sell and it's perfect if you have a number of salons to manage.


Small to midsize businesses will benefit from MINDBODY salon software. The marketing tool is a genius invention and can help you run promotions and get more customers. You can use the appointment system and view your customer and payment history. It also has an automated task manager to keep you up to date each day.


Vagaro has all the features you'd expect to find, but the reports are more extensive. They include customer retention, staff performance and reports for accountants to access. You can also track your customers and keep them happy by using a tool that remembers their children's names, birthdays and any allergies. If that's not enough, Vagaro also allows you to use their website builder tool.
This is some of the best salon software you'll find. While there are many others, these platforms work with you to build your business.

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