Professional liability insurance companies

Professional liability insurance companies
Professional Liability / indemnity  insurance is a type of insurance designed to cover legal costs and expenses your company or organisation incurs in the course of defending itself against allegations or accusations tabled against it in regards to services offered or advice given or products /designs from the company that resulted in a client losing money.

There are instances where a  company needs  professional liability insurance, but it is not an obligation in the UK. You need this insurance if:

  • You profession includes consulting and contracting.

  • You provide any form of designs for your clients. These could include the work of architects.

  • You feel you need to protect work you have undertaken from allegations of mistakes or negligence.

  • To fulfil a requirement  from an industry or body you are in acquaintance

The following are some of the companies offering professional  liability  insurance  in the UK;

AXA Professional Insurance-London and Dublin

Their services cover legal defence costs, daily compensation  for days in court in defence, and up to £5 000 000 protection. This insurance policy will cost you £59 a year.

Simply Business Professional Insurance- London and  Northampton

This covers you in case of inaccurate advice given to a client,  damages to property  or injuries  to someone because of your business and claims by your employees for damages or injury. It also insures your business premises  and tools at a cost of about £100 a year.

Market Direct Professional Indemnity Insurance- Leeds

For £7 a month, it will cover allegations of unintentional breach of copyright and confidentiality, professional negligence, loss of money, data and defamation. -Wedmore, Somerset

Their premiums start from £50 annually. They cover allegations of  professional negligence, dishonesty and  fraud, defamation, infringement of  intellectual property and loss of data as well as defence fees.

Howden Professional Indemnity Insurance- Eastcheap, London

They offer insurance to various professionals like engineers, architects, solicitors and others in covering legal expenses, inaccurate advice, negligence, infringement of intellectual property allegations among others at a cost of about £135 a year.