Our Top Picks for the Winter Wardrobe

Our Top Picks for the Winter Wardrobe
Everyone wants to look good.  But, this can be challenging when it gets cold and we need to bundle up.  Don’t despair though. We’ve got our top picks for winter jackets for women.

Designer Winter Jackets for Women

Designer jackets are a must for fashion-forward women, especially if you want to follow the latest trends. As there are numerous designers out there, you have a great choice of different styles. If you want to be on-trend consider jackets with statement prints or made from the hottest material of the season. Classics like trench coats or leather jackets will never go out of style. Check out different designers to see which collection you like best.

Best Women's Winter Running Tights

If your reaction to running in winter is to just stare in disbelief, that’s fair. But, for those of us that enjoy running enough to do it in winter, warm tights are a must. Check out tights from Underarmor, Old Navy, and Duofold.

Fleece Lined Down Coat

Fleece lined down coats are an excellent choice for winter. The fleece lining and down filling make them amazingly warm. The added length compared to a jacket really helps with this as well. Pretty much every reputable retailer will stock them, so shop around and find what you like.

Winter Jackets for Women

The simple winter jacket should be a true staple in your wardrobe. Your're spoiled for choice because they come in just about every style, colour and level of insulation you can imagine. To make it through the wet winter, make sure your jacket is waterproof.