Online Buying Guide for Flowers

Online Buying Guide for Flowers
Nothing says "I Love you" like flowers, but they say so much more too. We send flowers for birthdays, Valentine's Day, Mother's Day and when there's a bereavement. It's easy to buy flowers online, but do you know which ones suit each occasion?

Valentine's Day

OK, so we all know that roses are the "I Love You" statement, but they're also predictable. If you want to do something special on Valentine's Day, go for these alternatives.

  • Tulips

  • Daffodils

  • Pink Asters

  • Peonies


If you want to send someone flowers for their birthday, consider what colours they like. Birthday gifts are all about showing the person you care, so there's no general rule. Some people have classical tastes and some like bold statements. Knowing who they are will ensure you get what they want.


Flowers have special meanings and they're perfect as an anniversary gift.

First Anniversary - Carnations represent affection and strength.

Fifth Anniversary - Daisies represent hope and fidelity.

Tenth Aniversary - Daffodils represent new beginnings.

Twentieth Anniversary - Asters represent appreciation.


Sending flowers shows you're thinking of someone and they mean a lot to individuals going through a bereavement. Naturally, bright bouquets aren't appropriate and most people send lilies. If you want to do something different then some other great ideas are:

  • White Roses

  • Carnations

  • Chrysanthemums

  • Orchid Plants


We all know how important professional boundaries are, so what happens when you want to show some appreciation to your colleague? Some subtle statements of friendliness are:

  • Sunflowers

  • Daffodils

  • Peonies

  • Tulips

There are many websites around that sell flowers and can offer you advice on which to buy. If you want to buy flowers online, make sure you choose a reputable florist.