New Electric Cars for 2018

New Electric Cars for 2018
New electric cars are slowly starting to be put into production and we have started to see them on the road. A couple that you have probably already seen are Tesla’s; Elon Musks creation and BMW’s creation the i8. However, a lot more companies are starting to jump on the band wagon and make their own electric cars. Below are some of the new electric cars you will see this year.

BMW i3

The BMW i3 is a hatchback that is powered by an electric engine. The new model is being classed as one of the first, electric performance hatchbacks and it has caught many people’s eyes. The starting price to get yourself a BMW i3 is £36,975 with additional extras costing more.

Overall, the BMW i3 puts out a cool 181bhp and has an impressive range of 174 miles. That range is based on a single charge and if required, you can purchase the range extender version.

Rimac C_Two

The Rimac C_Two isn’t a car that you would purchase for a family. Compared to other companies, Rimac aren’t trying to build a car that is aimed at people wanting an electric saloon or hatchback. Instead, they are creating high-performance electric car that can compete with cars such as Ferrari and even Lamborghini.

There isn’t an official price yet, however, due to the company only producing 100 of these cars, you will be expecting to pay around £1 million each. However, the price is justified due to the specs. Each wheel is powered by its own electric motor. That means the C_Two will run four electric motors which gives out a total of 1888bhp!

In a few year’s time, we will expect to see a lot more electric cars on the road. Each will have different styles, specs, features etc. and appeal to its own category of drivers. For those looking for an electric car with a lot of power, you want to keep an eye out for the Tesla Roadster and the C_Two. However, for those wanting a family car, BMW are likely to produce a hatchback or saloon more suited.