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Must-have Features for E-Commerce Websites

Must-have Features for E-Commerce Websites

If you are seeking to expand or start your eCommerce website, there are many features that you may need. A good inventory management software can include email marketing and accounting software.
eCommerce software platforms are the best way to grow your website. Website hosting doesn't carry all the features that a software platform does, so you will need both. Getting a good eCommerce management software is like getting a bundle plan! Here are the best features.


One of the most notable features of an eCommerce software platform is the invoicing feature. This makes it easy to track which customers have paid and which ones haven't, as well as what invoices are coming up. Keeping track of your money is crucial for the success of an eCommerce website.

Inventory Management

When running a business that sells physical products, you need to know how much you have and when you go out of stock. By placing your current stock number in the inventory management system, it will notify you when you run out of stock and update your website, so customers don't place an order for an item you no longer have.

User Interface & Easy Setup

The best feature you need is an easy interface. If you aren't tech savvy, having this feature could mean the difference between hundreds of dollars and dozens of wasted hours. This can also mean it's easy for your customers to go in and manage orders and pay with ease.

Email & Shipping Notifications

An eCommerce management system will have this feature. When a customer makes an order, it will notify the customer that the order was completed, and it will notify you when an order was placed so you can ship it out. When it ships, it will automatically email the customer their tracking number.

Email marketing

With email marketing you can grow your eCommerce business. You can save all customer emails and request more through newsletters. Then, you can market to them by sending them discount codes and sale items! This will get more customers purchasing more items from your store.

Analytics and Accounting

Keeping track of finances and growth is crucial for business success. With analytics and accounting software, you can track your finances, see if you can afford new inventory, and see how well your business is growing.
Overall, there are many great features included in eCommerce software platforms. Functions like inventory management, email marketing, accounting software, and website hosting are musts for your business.

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