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iPhone XS vs iPhone X

iPhone XS vs iPhone X

There are many similarities between the iPhone X and its upgrade- the iPhone XS, but the new model comes with distinct improvements. Find out what's new on the iPhone XS and how it compares to the iPhone X.

iPhone XS - Better Specs, Speed and Colours

The iPhone XS has the A12 Bionic processor which is Apple's latest version and faster than the iPhone X's A11 processor. Gamers and people who need a fast processor will love this change.
There's not much that differentiates the two phones in durability and design, as their 5.8 inches OLED screen and the glass sandwich design is the same. However, if you like a fancy new colour the iPhone XS will be for you, as it's available in gold color. The iPhone XS beats the iPhone X in the field of water resistance, with a rating IP68 to the latter's IP67.
The display is one aspect where the phones tie. For the camera, the iPhone XS takes the win because its camera sensor is twice as fast compared its predecessor's. The FaceID of the iPhone XS also works faster than iPhone X's.

Dual SIM Card Support

As expected the iPhone XS comes with Apple's latest operating system, which is the iOS 12. Another win for the iPhone XS is the dual sim card support which is excellent for travelers.
So the iPhone XS's advantages are better processing performance and improved camera features, but don't forget that it's also more expensive than the iPhone X. For people who have older iPhone upgrading to the XS does make sense.

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