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Huawei P20 versus Pro: Which is better?

Huawei P20 versus Pro: Which is better?
Huawei has released two remarkable top-tier flagship phones: the Huawei P20 Pro and Huawei P20. With a pair of devices from which to choose, you'll need to determine the one that suits you best. For instance, the P20 Pro's triple camera might be enough to convince you to purchase the more advanced model.

If you're debating whether to pursue the P20 or P20 pro, check out this guide.


Both phones have a similar design on the front. However, a difference exists in terms of the camera. The Pro is slightly bigger because of a bigger screen while the more capacious battery makes it thicker between the two.

Both have a Full View Display, integrating a notch at the top similar to the iPhone X. The rear for both is glass, joined together with a metal core, giving beautiful curved edges. Another distinction between the two is the IP rating, which establishes how dust and waterproof the devices are: the P20 has an IP53 rating while the P20 Pro has an IP 67 rating.

Software and Hardware

The phones run on Kirin 970-a platform that leans toward artificial intelligence. A difference exists in terms of RAM with the P20 having 4GB and the P20 Pro getting 6 GB. In terms of storage, both phones have 128 GB as standard and are dual SIM.

Both P20 Pro and P20 provide similar daily performance. The additional spend in the Pro gives an improved camera, longer battery life, and a more vibrant display. Whichever you select, Huawei has two of the best phones. However, if you seek the best, the Huawei Pro is worth it at £799.