How to transfer money online

How to transfer money online
There are a number of ways in which you can transfer money online. Here is a quick guide to understanding which ways are the best.


Venmo is one of, if not the best way in the world to transfer money online. It only takes minutes to set up a Venmo account and, if you have an active Facebook and an active bank account, then it is even easier to create an account. Furthermore, there are no fees for using Venmo, as it is owned by PayPal and is free for the time being. Simply put, Venmo is the best.


Paypal is another great way to transfer money online. It is an excellent service which is very safe and has a slight fee of only 3%. Furthermore, PayPal is a very safe service, as the service is famous for making sure that both that both parties receive a fair agreement on their trade.


Balancing convenience and low costs on its online and mobile money transfer platform, Transferwise lets you send money to more than 50 countries while keeping foreign exchange rates at the midmarket rate, saving you from higher rates that banks generally charge. You can sign up or log in through a Google, Facebook or email account. Its quick and simple to use.

If you want to transfer money online, these three are your best options. Sign up today.