How to get a job with no experience

How to get a job with no experience
Most job seekers deal with one common challenge, how to get employed without experience in the field they seek. Whether fresh out of college or changing careers, convincing a company to adopt an inexperienced individual is difficult.

There are tips however that can guide an individual into convincing a potential employer to open doors with no experience whatsoever.

Being cheap

Companies are willing to let in an employee with no skills if the employee demands less than qualified counterparts especially if they are willing to learn on the job. A person who is willing to take less with a promise of later adjustments gets better chances.
Trading existing skills for new ones.
An individual easily gets into a firm in a field where they have little or no experience if they offer a different service to the firm. A wannabe photographer may offer to write articles for a photography firm as he learns new skills. This is using their already acquired skills to get experience in their desired field.

Applying soft skills

While every job has a set of written requirements, an individual may have naturally acquired skills that favour the job they are seeking. One may seek to teach in a kindergarten, with no experience but the school may hire them for showing gentleness, patience with young children or such. These qualities keep one in a firm until they work long enough to get qualified.


Although not the best option, firms may train staff from scratch before enrolling them into a payroll. This is difficult but when an individual sights a company they would love to work for and are held back by lack of experience, volunteering until they gain the required skills is a good way out.