How Long Should You Spend at Disneyland Paris?

How Long Should You Spend at Disneyland Paris?
Disneyland Paris is a magical area featuring two parks, a host of characters and shows, thrilling rides,
adventures, shopping, food, and a fun-family friendly atmosphere. Sounds great right? Being there
totally is, but planning for everything may become a little tiring and not so fun. We’re here to help get
you through the not-so- fun part, so you can have a blast later!

First off, you’ll have to decide what time of year to go. January and February have less people in the park than other months, so going either of these months will ensure the shortest possible wait times. Next up comes the question of how long to stay. Since there are two parks, we recommend three days. The reason for this being that the third day is used to go back and see anything missed, or to shop for souvenirs, etc!

The first two days are for visiting each park respectively. One thing to keep in mind too is that weekdays are usually better to go than weekends, as the parks tend to fill up then, even during less popular months. When choosing where to stay for that duration, there are quite a few options! You can go with local hotels, or one of the Disney Resorts. At a resort, you can easily hop on the shuttle and make your way around the parks
without hassle.

As far as attractions go, the must-see things are really an individual experience. Some people prefer to interact with the dressed up characters and see the parades, others like to go from ride to ride. There is something entertaining for everyone here, and when you get hungry or thirsty, plenty of tasty cuisine awaits. One final tip we’ll share is that the FastPass is worth investing in if you want to ride every ride in both parks and have time leftover for shopping and moseying around!