How does underfloor heating work?

How does underfloor heating work?
Underfloor heating may appear to be a difficult concept to understand at first, but once you
get the basics down its really not too complicated. Here’s a quick guide on underfloor heating.

Underfloor heating: dry or wet system

Underfloor heating exists on either a dry or wet system. A dry system is a system of electric coils which run underneath the floor while a wet system is a series of pipes which pump warm water through said piping.

The installation process tends to be installed beneath either a stone, ceramic or terracotta tile floors, but can also be installed with wood, linoleum or carpet. Both systems are can only be installed with the help of a professional.

Dry or Wet systems

Dry systems tend to cost less to install then wet systems yet they are usually more expensive
to run over time. In a new and well-insulated homes, underfloor heating will save anywhere
from £190 to £230 average while an existing home with average insulation will earn savings
£10 per year on average.