Five trick used on the Casinos

Five trick used on the Casinos
These are the five five trick used on the casinos to increase more sales: free drinks and rooms, no clocks and daylight, celebrity poker tournaments and players’ club levels.

Free Drinks

The free drinks form part of the five tricks used on the casinos. They are used to entice the players who reciprocate by playing more. One of the most commonly applied persuasive skills is to offer gifts so that the customers feel indebted to the firm. The drinks offered in the casinos are minimal compared to the profits they make when clients play the slots.

Free Rooms

Many customers are enticed by the free rooms they are offered in the casinos. The clients are duped into believing that these rooms are free. Actually, they pay much more than the market price for the rooms. The payment comes in the form of the value of the slots one has to play to qualify for a room.

No Clocks and Daylight

The inside of the casinos are designed in a way that one cannot determine whether it is daytime or nighttime. The lighting creates a perfect environment inside where one can hang around for 24 hours without noticing. To enhance this effect, casinos lack clocks. Upon settling on the table, the client will step away only when they are fatigued or they run out of money.

Players’ Club Levels

The use of club levels is a form of discrimination used to encourage the players to spend more. The levels include bronze, silver, and gold in progressive sequence. The benefits vary with the levels. Players endeavor to reach the highest level because of the prestige attached to it.

Celebrity Poker Tournaments

Casinos are more about prestige as they are for making money. The clients want to associate with success and celebrity lifestyle. Hence, the celebrity soccer tournaments endear to as many players as possible. It serves as one of the main five tricks used on the casinos to increase sales.