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Comparing Cheap Mobile Phone Insurance Plans

Comparing Cheap Mobile Phone Insurance Plans
Mobile phone insurance is something few think about, but many can benefit from.

Cheap mobile phone insurance is not that hard to find! Phone insurance is generally not nearly as expensive as car insurance and definitely worth considering. When searching for insurance it's important to compare cheap mobile phone insurance plans to get the best deal.

Love It Cover It - £2.24 per month on average

Love It Cover It is currently the cheapest mobile insurance available in the UK. For under 3 pounds a month, you can get cell phone coverage that will cover up to £1,250 in replacement costs. They also offer discounts for multiple devices. So if you want to insure your family plan, this is a great option. Like most mobile insurance providers they cover cracked screens, liquid damage, and theft/loss replacements.

SimpleInsurance - £3.64 per month average

While SimpleInsurance might not be as cheap as Love It Cover It, they offer policies for short amounts of time, making it perfect for new phones. If you are the type of person to get a new phone every year, SimpleInsurance might be the perfect policy for you. They offer quick repairs, replacements, and cover everything from liquid damage, fires, and software damage. They do offer more comprehensive coverage than competitors, which isn’t bad for an extra $12 per year.

So-Sure Mobile Phone Insurance - £3.79 per month average

So-Sure offers the highest coverage out of all the mobile phone insurance carriers, £2000 with excess purchase options for £50. So-Sure is the perfect plan to use if you have an expensive device, such as a work device. Many workers choose So-Sure because of their one day replacement guarantee. So if you are a worker or have many workers using a mobile device, So-Sure is the way to go!

Before choosing a plan, make sure to compare cheap mobile phone insurance. Phone insurance can make your life much easier, and shopping around for cheap mobile phone insurance plans is a great way to help protect your financial investment.