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Comparing Broadband Deals

Comparing Broadband Deals

Choosing a high speed broadband plan can be a daunting task. Getting broadband set up in your home or apartment takes time and work, so you can't just easily switch. This makes finding the right broadband plan the first time even more important, and searching for broadband deals can help.

Virgin Media

One of the most popular names in technology, Virgin Media has some of the best speeds and accessibility in the UK and it comes with a reputable name. Their plans also have a looser contract than other carriers.
Virgin has no setup cost and their popular 108mb per second plan is only £32/month. The fact that there is no setup cost makes this plan one of the top broadband plans available.


BT is considered one of the most popular broadband carriers in the UK and this isn't because of their advertising. They do offer a good deal on high speed broadband. With a £20 setup fee and a £29.99 per month, you get 50mbps speeds and unlimited internet.

Sky Fibre

For those who want a cheap option, Sky Fibre may be the best choice. Their setup fee is £9.95, which isn't too bad, and their 11mb plan goes for only £18 per month. You will need to sign an 18 month contract, which is a bit longer than most.
As the plan only contains 11mb per second, so it may not be the best option for those who want super fast speeds. But for those who need something cheap, Sky is a great option!
Choosing a high speed broadband may sound hard, but if you do your homework you can make the right choice! There are many great broadband deals that can get you set up for months, even years to come and keep your broadband running.

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