Cheapest Places in the UK to Rent

Cheapest Places in the UK to Rent

Rent is the one thing everyone tries to get a good deal on while at the same time making sure not to compromise on the lifestyle quality. The following are the cheapest places to rent in the UK and what it is like to live there.

  1. County Durham- £450pcm: Despite having a traffic problem and a university student vs local youth rivalry, it is considered to be the most beautiful cathedral city in the UK. It offers beautiful sights, country walks, and national parks.

  2. Hull-E395pcm: The area has come a long way from being the butt of many jokes. It was the UK city of culture in 2017, many people consider it one of the best places to live in the UK and with an average rent of £395pcm, it is worth checking out.

  3. Burnley-£400pcm: It is a place that offers high-quality life with the great looking countryside. The locals show great community spirit and are very patriotic.

  4. Hyndburn - £435pcm: This is an area with relatively low unemployment rates, low crime rates and a general sense of community. The area is currently experiencing a revamp in certain sectors so an average rent of E435pcm is a steal.


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