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Best Business VOIP Phone Deals in the UK

Best Business VOIP Phone Deals in the UK
VOIP business systems are great for a variety of reasons. They enhance productivity, reach a larger client base, include a number of lines, and are simple to use. Have you ever tried using any apps like Skype or WhatsApp? If so, you’ve essentially experimented with a VOIP system.

Obviously, the business VOIP systems have many more features than Skype or WhatsApp.  Also, this allows for a broader range of employees. Because this is an internet phone service, you open up the possibility of work from home positions with only the added cost of employee salary. This can increase productivity without the added expense of creating a work environment and funding said work environment.

While there are a number of providers to choose from that host VOIP services, we’re going to mention a few of the notable and more popular providers. Vonage claims to offer an average savings of 36% off your VOIP as compared to a traditional landline system. They also offer over 40 in calling features, and operates off a cloud hosted software. This means virtually no setup is required. Also, Vonage sends its patrons preconfigured VOIP phones that only require ‘plug-n-play’. RingCentral is another provider that offers mobile integration, and unlimited texting on top of other features such as toll free numbers. With no contracts and a less than expensive price tag, they are a more than reasonable provider. There is a setup process, but they say your system will be completed and working in one day or less.

A third provider is Grasshopper. Though they aren’t as sophisticated as some larger providers like Vonage, they offer a very professional small business setup. There is only a small setup process, as they create new extensions off of your business’s existing lines.  They also include toll free numbers as well as other features.  One more provider makes the list today, and that is 8x8 Cloud communications. Useful for small to medium sized businesses, this provider features integration of business software like Outlook and Salesforce. Though definitely a budget provider, they offer many of the same features as bigger providers at a reduced cost.