Best bikinis for a fuller bust

Best bikinis for a fuller bust
Being a larger chested woman can make it difficult to find proper fitting clothing. Nothing demonstrates this point as well as trying to shop for a bikini. However, there are a few things to look for that will ensure you end up with a better fitting swimsuit that gives full support.

The first thing to look for is an under-wire, ensuring better support. Often swimsuits will add these in as decorative elements, allowing the use of much thicker wires that traditionally used in bras.

Thicker back straps are also a good idea as they provide support close to the rib cage, removing some of the stress from the straps resting on the shoulders. There are even some models that allow strapless comfort for larger busts.

If you are using straps, try and get ones that are centered closer to the neck, rather than farther out on the shoulders. This will help prevent back strain among other issues.

As for where to purchase these swimsuits, a number of online retailers carry up to size K. One of the most famous is the Figleaves website, but their most popular line, Freya, is available as a stand alone as well.