Are Equity Funds Safe?

Are Equity Funds Safe?
What is an Equity Release Scheme

An equity release scheme is a scheme that allows people, usually over the age of 55, to get some money on their houses while continuing to live there. An equity release scheme can be thought of as a reverse mortgage.

How to Get an Equity Release Scheme

The main factors to consider are legal and financial. Most equity release schemes take the form of a loan on the property. Typically, the size of the loan depends on the value of the property. Most financial institutions will offer a loan worth 50% of the value of the property. In order to get equity funds, one has to discuss the options with an Equity Release Advisor who can then give one options on where to get and how to go about everything.

How is it paid

There are two main types of equity release scheme. The first one is Lifetime mortgage. This usually does not require any repayments until the property is solved. The other type is the home reversion property. The scheme is similar to gaining a lumpsum of money in exchange for a lease on your property until you die.