An Insider's Guide to Barbados

An Insider's Guide to Barbados
For most people, a Caribbean Island getaway invokes images of tranquil beaches bordered by luxury resorts and palm trees. While you can find this picture of paradise on Barbados, there's more to the Caribbean island.

Turquoise waters and white sands are just the beginning. In fact, you'll discover Barbados has much more to dazzle tourists than caves, forests, and historic landmarks. Although it's justifiably renowned for its incredible beaches, it has everything.

Besides the brilliant turquoise bays and fine powdery sand, you'll find a great nightlife and a beautiful interior all inhabited by a welcoming and proud populace. If you're planning a quintessential escape, here's an insider's guide to Barbados.

Barbados' Dining Hot Spots

Caribbean's culinary capital, Barbados is particularly appealing to a wide range of foodies who've learned that dining, phenomenal feasting, and eating alone is adequate reason to visit the island.  One of the fascinating things about the island is that it's a multi-cultural society and the cultures are represented in delicious cuisine and themed restaurants. Some of the hot spots you should visit include:

Café Luna

Café Luna offers Mediterranean /gourmet eclectic cuisine, which is extremely satisfying. You'll also experience rooftop dining at its best.


You can't beat Champers for amazing seafood and fine service. Actually, locals and visitors can't get enough of it as it gives a fine dining experience on the south coast water's edge.


Situated on the West Coast, Daphne's fare is memorable and constitutes contemporary Italian classics infuse with flavours and seafood.

Best Beaches

The island is home to some of the best beaches worldwide and they're as diverse as the people. Some of them include:

Silver Sands

Silver Sands has international recognition as a world-class beach for windsurfing. Situated on Barbados' southern coast, it hosts the Waterman Festival each February; a competitive surfing, kite surfing, and windsurfing contest.


Originally a harbor, Crane Beach is one of the most stunning beaches along Barbados' coast. It's also home to one of the oldest and prettiest resorts on the island-The Crane Beach Hotel.

While Barbados is a comparatively small Caribbean island, you'll enjoy a wide range of activities during your tour.