Where are the cheapest parts in Manchester to rent?

Where are the cheapest parts in Manchester to rent?
There is nothing more complicated than finding a good place to rent, especially when your budget isn't exactly high. If you want to rent a flat in Manchester and you want it to be both affordable and located in a good area, read on because we have compiled a list with the cheapest and best areas to rent in Manchester.

Heaton Moor

Located in the suburb of Stockport, Heaton Moor is a great place to live in. It has great transport links, its popularity is increasing and it's definitely more affordable than other areas such as Didsbury. An average two-bedroom house there costs about £757 per month but if you are looking for a flat, you can pay as little as £516 per month for a single bedroom one and £721 for a two-bedroom flat.


Just like in Heaton Moor, you will find great transport links in Tameside as well as affordable prices and, also very important, plenty of properties available so you can choose your favourite. Expect to pay as little as £600 a month for a two-bedroom semi and £375 a month for a single-bedroom apartment and just £550 for a two-bedroom one.


Located in the Metropolitan Borough of Bury, Prestwich has recently become a hipster hot-spot with a great deal of good restaurants and bars and great transport links. A single-bedroom apartment costs just £450 per month while a two-bedroom flat is around. £600 a month.