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3 of the best virtual number sites

3 of the best virtual number sites
Virtual numbers are also referred to as access numbers or direct inward dialing (DID), and are telephone numbers without a directly associated telephone line. With such, clients no longer have to wait for connected landlines in order to make calls to their loved ones or business associates.

In the UK, there are a number of sites where one can attain a virtual number. The top three include;

Tossable Digits

This site enables you to answer, forward, let the caller leave a voice message and can do everything you do with your original number. It is an economical service to get an international or local virtual number for your business and private use.  Tossable Digits offers Toll-free numbers, local numbers, Unlimited Calls and message recording and have an API support available if you want integrate their service with your own system.

Call Hippo

For Call Hippo, you can filter your call logs by applying various filters like; Selecting a Specific User, Call Type - Incoming or Outgoing, Specific Time Period among others. The site’s interface is user friendly and allows you to monitor all your calls. It also comes with the unique feature where you can easily track the total cost of acquisition for one single customer.

Mighty call

Known for its advanced technology, Mighty Call boasts a feature that configures your virtual phone service with app or website enabling you to comfortably use your mobile or PC. The site has quality sound during the calls and uses cloud service.