Best Office Locations in London

Best Office Locations in London

The Greater London Area has a whole lot to offer regarding offices. There are furnished offices, serviced offices, and even luxury offices in every part of the city.  But where is the best place for your office? Which location is going to give you the most advantage over your competition? Let's find out:

City of London

The City of London is a great location for offices. The city is very prestigious, and of course, by association, anyone with an office there is as well. There is also amazing public transportation, and plenty of foot traffic.

W1 (Westminster)

Westminster is nearly as prestigious as London itself. It's the seat of the government, so if your company needs to liaise with government officials, this location might be for you. It offers all the advantages of London and has great rail and tube links.

Kings Cross

Kings Cross is less central than other areas.  But, it also offers cheaper rent, and still has excellent access to public transport. It's also somewhat of a “cooler” area, giving you better access to a hip clientele.

East London

East London offers some of the cheapest rents in the city. It is still in London though, so it still has all the services you'd expect from a large metropolitan suburb.  


Euston is quite central within London. The location guarantees easy access to the whole city and all the services it has to offer. You'll also save a little bit on rent compared to a super central location, which is always nice.

Liverpool Street

Liverpool Street is located in the northeastern section of the city. While you'll still find a variety of serviced offices, furnished offices and luxury offices, the rents are cheaper than in other areas.  It's also right near the Liverpool Street Station, which is the third largest rail station in the UK.

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